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Within the wide scope of our worldwide display & exhibit display activities, our main focus areas are as follows:


  • Trade Show Displays, Exhibits, Booths Designs, Permanent Display Fabrication & Installations and Furniture Rental

  • Showsite Supervision Services

  • Audio / Visual Purchasing & Installation Consultancy

  •  IMC & Creative Direction


  • IT Consultancy 

    • Network setups, Multi-location Integrations, VOIP Deployments, Security and Surveliance Systems 


Our goal is to lead our company into the future with a firm commitment to the values and spirit of its customers. We have positioned The MK Displays for growth, guided by our mission to provide straight forward, fast, competitive and creative solutions to our customers, anywhere, any time, everyday.

We currently have our headquarters located in New Jersey, Production & Warehousing facilities in New Jersey & Las Vegas and a satellite offices in Las Vegas & Istanbul

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